6f5 Graded Crushed Brick

  • Cheaper Alternative to Quarried Stone
  • For Use as Piling Matt/ Capping
  • Grading Cert Supplied
  • Large Stockpiles

6f5 Brick Concrete

Type 1 Graded Crushed Concrete

  • Cheaper Alternative to Quarried Stone
  • For Use in Road and Path Construction/Topping off Compounds etc
  • Grading/ LA Abrasion Cert Supplied
  • Large Stockpiles

Type 1 Crushed Concrete

MOT Type 1 Blast Furnace Slag

  • MOT (Clause 803) Certificated
  • Large Quantities Available
  • Cheaper Alternative to Quarried Stone


Type 1 Graded Crushed Tarmac

  • For Use Topping Haul Roads and Compounds
  • Cheaper Alternative to Quarried Products
  • Available in Various Sizes to suit needs of Client

Crushed Tarmac

Screened Topsoil

  • Screened Topsoil For Commercial Use
  • Certification Supplied
  • Large Stockpiles
  • Cheaper Alternative to Virgin Dug Topsoil


Clean/ Reduced Fines Recycled Aggregates

  • Suitable for Areas needing enhanced drainage
  • Reduced Fines
  • Cheaper Alternative to Virgin/ Quarried Stone

6F5 Crushed Brick

Due to Sandstop Quarries having its own Crushing and Screening Divisions we can crush and grade stone to suit individual client’s needs.

Other Recycled Aggregates Available

  • Fill Sand
  • Pipe-Bedding (Various Sizes)
  • Class 2C Fill
  • Many Others…